Recently funded transations by Pelorus Equity Group
State of the Art Indoor Grow Facility – Desert Hot Springs, CA
Property: 27,000 Square Foot Condominium in a MMJ Business Park, 
Sponsor: Nationally recognized leader in the space / company valued at $100M, 
Purpose: Acquisition and TI / FF&E, 
Rate: 11.5%, 
Loan Amount: $4,500,000, 
LTV: 39%
Wellness Center
Original purchase price $430,000

(Property: Commercial Vacant Lot, Purpose: Ground-up Construction Refinance, Loan Amount: $1,320,000, Rate: 12%, Location: Adelanto, CA, Funded: 2/2017)

Commercial Bakery

Property: Commercial, Purpose: Acquisition, Loan Amount: $1,250,000, Rate: 9.25%, Location: Los Angeles, CA,
Funded: 11/2016

Case Study 1
Original purchase price $3,100,000

Property: Industrial Warehouse, Purpose: Acquisition,
Purchase Price: $3.1M, Loan Amount: $1,320,000, Rate: 11%, Location: Adelanto, CA, Funded: 8/2017

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