..............Our experience also shapes our ability to perceive and understand complex or unique transactions. We recognize the characteristics of real estate portfolios that may no longer be considered strategic to a parent organization but still possess adequate potential as a standalone asset and ultimately may be used to provide capital to a client in need of repositioning various assets under their control, provide interim funding or to simply garner market share.

..............Pelorus Equity Group will offer seven primary products through the Pelorus Fund that will allow for the purchase of notes, purchase of notes with repurchase agreements, fractional note purchases, fractional note purchases with super priority, acquisition of real estate owned properties (“REO”) or portfolios of REO’s, portfolios of notes, lending on unencumbered REO assets and business type loans using various types of security for collateral. The Pelorus Fund’s focus will be on the note purchase product with the repurchase agreements. This product is the most attractive to fund managers and will generate the highest returns with the least risk to Pelorus Fund investors.

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