Borrowers / Rehab Investors:
What is your pricing?
Our rates typically start at 12% and 4 points, but the rate may be reduced on “as-is” value transactions.
Do you have any other fees?
Pelorus also charges a flat fee of $2,750, which comes from the loan proceeds.
How long is the loan term?
Generally one year terms, with the possibility of extensions.
Is there a prepayment penalty?
No, but with some exceptions if the term is less than six months.
What can I expect to make on deal I refer?
Pelorus typically pays 1 to 2 points depending on the transaction.
When do I get paid?
Pelorus pays referrals the day after confirmation of recording.
Do I get commissions on future deals if the borrower I refer requests another loan from PEG directly?
Not as a practice. Pelorus pays referral fees on the first transaction.
However, if it is a legacy client of the Broker referring the transaction we may
consider it.


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