Daniel Leimel, Jr. President and CEO

............Dan has more than twenty years of extensive industry experience including operating, owning and managing several corporations, loan servicing entities and a real estate fund. Dan has successfully underwritten, marketed and funded thousands of real estate transactions using both debt and equity. Dan’s experience is invaluable when underwriting complicated scenarios and structuring solution based terms to satisfy a broad spectrum of situations. He has the ability to expertly navigate adverse borrower conditions such as bankruptcies, defaults, and foreclosures while still maintaining a transparent and equitable upside for the lender. Dan finds that the balance of his faith and family is what motivates and drives him. He has been married for 12 years and has 3 beautiful children.


Robert Sechrist, Partner & Vice President

............ Rob is the licensed real estate broker and co-founder of Pelorus Equity Group with more than fourteen years of experience in the real estate finance industry. He has previously assisted in the management of other real estate firms that included a $34 million real estate fund with a combined total of $72 million in assets that were under management. Rob’s primary roles at Pelorus Equity Group are the development of strategic alliances with both private and institutional investors, formation of equity partnerships, coordinating of the company’s growth into new markets and as an underwriter of transactions. Rob also oversees the direction of the marketing programs to borrowers, brokers and investors. Today Pelorus raises several million a month through its strategic alliances with the company's investors and equity partnerships. Prior to joining the real estate industry, Rob was the founder and CEO of an international action sports manufacturing company. He has also managed medical product sales in Southern California as well as trained the sales reps nationally for an orthopedic manufacturer after he graduated from college. Rob earned a BA from San Diego State University. Licenses include California Real Estate Broker’s License, NMLS License, California Public Notary and designated expert witness as an asset based lender. He is also the CEO of JRS Capital USA, Inc. a real estate consulting firm based out of Newport Beach, California.


Jennie Vaughn, Operations Manager

............Jennie has been working directly with the CEO since 2000. She is involved in every aspect of the business including loan origination, investor relations, funding and loan servicing. Additionally, she is responsible for the financial activities of the company which include both general and trust accounting, yearend tax reporting, quarterly filings, oversight of investor activities such as lender document packages, investor disbursements and demand requests for payoff. Along with the CEO she heads up the company’s ongoing internal auditing of all files for DRE compliance and ensures conformity for its regulators. Jennie is an invaluable asset to the Pelorus team and her relentless pursuit for knowledge and precision has made a significant impact on the firm’s growth.


Jaime Thompson, Escrow Officer

............At Pelorus Equity Group, Jaime assists in the fundings and borrower documentation process as well as other relevant correspondence to ensure fulfillment of contracts and or trust agreements. She also reviews real estate contracts, loan applications and deeds and assists in securing real estate financing for mortgage payoffs. With more than seven years experience, Jaime has a solid background in processing, escrow and title and previously served as a loan officer in Denver.


Main Entry: pe·lo·rus
Pronunciation: \pə-'lôr-əs\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1854
: a navigational instrument resembling a mariner's compass without magnetic needles and having two sight vanes by which bearings are taken

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